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Domestic Lock Maintenance

Household Security Lock Maintenance - Torquay Locks Advice

Do you find yourself slamming your front door behind you just to get it to close? Even when the door closes, do you find that the key is stiff and its hard to lock the door? Something is wrong because that's not right and it may only get worse over time.

To help prevent stiff locks, with the potential of snapped keys stuck in the lock, you need to maintain your locks. You may save yourself the expense of a Torquay locksmith emergency cal lout.

Firstly, have you started to notice that your doors and windows are hard to open during wet or sunny days? That's a classic sign of door and window frame movement. You will always have movement in a door or window frame. If this is the cause of your stiff and stuck locks then either the door or window does not fit its frame or the lock is falling out of alignment when there is frame movement.

Before you blame your lock for being stiff and difficult you need to be sure of your door or window. There are two parts to any lock; the lock itself and the 'keep', or socket, which receives a bolt operated by the lock. If the two fall out of alignment then the bolt will fail to move smoothly into the keep.

Torquay has local areas liable to ground movement. Ground movement puts extra strain on your door frames, so the door frames can potentially move and become distorted. The keep of the lock is within the door frame so it then falls out of alignment with the projecting security bolt of the lock. The locking mechanism has a tolerance of 'play' which allows for natural movements. You can call for the services of a Torquay locksmith to re-align your locks so that it is best positioned to work on sunny or wet days.

Over time the door frames move, or the young wood becomes distorted in wet winter conditions, or the wood begins to rot. The security of any door can only be as good as the security of the framework the door is attached to.

If you can unlock the door, you can check for seasonal movement and misalignment of your lock and keep. Firstly, unlock the door then open it out and operate the lock. Now gently bring the door to a close so that the bolt of the lock touches the frame. Using a pencil, now mark the top and bottom of the lock by drawing a line around the bolt on the frame. Open out the door again and observe how the pencil lines are either above or below the gap of the keep in the door frame. If the line is very close to the outer edge of the keep then the bolt may show signs of wear as it enters the keep. You need to call in a Torquay locksmith to get your locks checked and re-aligned. This sort of problem will stress your house keys and they may snap in the lock. A good locksmith can make sure that the lock is serviceable, maintained and properly fitted to work on wet, sunny or any day when their is normal movement in your door frame.

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