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Torquay Home And Business Security


Installing And Improving Torquay Home And Business Security


  • Fitting Door Bolts
  • Fitting Door Chains
  • Window Locks And Window Restrictors
  • Securing Your Loft Space
  • Improving Garden Security


Fitting of Door Bolts

Installing metal frame securing door bolts provides additional security by projecting a pin out from the door so that it secures into the frame. Most people use door bolts for their back door security. It is best to have a minimum of two bolts fitted at the top and bottom of the door. The bolts are only activated from inside and are moved to their secure position when the door is closed then you leave your home via the front door. When your door frames are in good condition then this presents a very secure way to prevent the door from being forced away from its frame. A very simple, economic and effective way to secure your back door when you are away from home or your Torquay property is vacant.


Fitting Door Chains

Door chains are useful for your night time security but please remember to use them before opening your door to daytime visitors. An additional and convenient security measure is to have a peephole inserted into your door. You can then check who's calling and decide if you want to open the door to them.


Don't forget your window locks and window restrictors

There are many different types of window locks. We can also safely fit window locks upon UPVC window frames. Care must be taken when fitting window restrictors upon UPVC frames because the screw fixings must not penetrate too deep so as to catch and fracture the inner double glazed panel. We have the UPVC panel repair experience to avoid such problems so as to safety fit a window restrictor.


Insurance companies prefer window restrictors that can be locked.


Your Loft Hatch Space Should Be Secured

Loft space is vulnerable because tiles can be removed to gain entry into the loft space and therefore your house. In addition, some older style properties have linked loft space so your security depends upon the security of your neighbour's home.


Improving Garden Security

We can also improve your garden security by securing your perimeter fencing. Fence panels can be lifted out with ease so they present a security risk to your garden and your home. We can improve your garden and home security by securing such panels with silicon seal.

While improving your security it maybe worth checking for insecure items such as ladders, shed and outhouse locks.

Chaining and padlocking of insecure items may only entail the fitting of an eye bolt, the supply of lock and chain but it could save you endless problems.

We Fix Stiff Doors And Locks

Maintenance, adjustment and servicing of locks, doors and door frames.


Have you noticed your doors getting stiff and difficult to open and close?  We recommend having the door and door lock checked before it breaks your door key in the lock.


Door stiffness can come about due to subsidence and movement impacting upon the door frame causing a misalignment between the frame and the door.  Movement can also occur due to dampness and swelling of wood frames.   This would not normally present a problem if the locking mechanism is fitted correctly.


There are many types of mortise lock. Some are suitable for UPVC doors and some are only suitable for internal doors.  If your door is fitted with older style mortise locks then our trade suppliers are able to source modern alternatives which can be used to replace your old and worn locks.   This is normally the simplest and quickest way to maintain your security.

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